Yorkshire Fog


This offer is for 100 grams of freshly collected Yorkshire Fog (Holcus lanatus). Perfect natural food for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, rodents, birds and reptiles.


Yorkshire Fog is an organic food meticulously collected and crafted to address the sophisticated palates of small animals. Our team of experts has carefully selected only the freshest and most natural ingredients to ensure that your little companion’s diet is not just wholesome but also delicious. Perfect as a daily staple or occasional treat for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, rodents and other small animals. Packed with nutrients needed for optimal health, our Yorkshire Fog guarantees to keep them energized and happy all day long.

The image used above is for illustration purposes only. Plants may wilt a little as they travel. This is perfectly natural and has no effect on the product’s quality. If there are any questions you have then please get in touch before you place an order. Thanks for looking!

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