Undergravel Filter Large 32P


By using the whole bottom as an aquarium filter, large quantities of bacteria can live in the substrate which keeps your aquarium clean and balanced.


Under gravel filters are ideal for keeping shrimp. All waste materials are drawn into the substrate by means of an aerated flow system without negatively effecting the aquarium inhabitants.

An under gravel filter is very easy to use. You have to join the panels together and attach the riser pipe to one of the panels. Then, insert the under gravel filter into your aquarium. Then cover the panels with a fleece mat (optional), followed by your soil. The thicker the soil the more bacteria can live in it, the more waste can be converted.

An under gravel filter needs minor space and is (except for the riser pipe) invisible. At the places where you want to have aquarium plants you can choose to leave a panel out.


The individual panels measure 14 x 7 centimeters (the size of the gaps passages between the panels is 2 millimeters). This kit contains 32 panels.

The riser pipe is adjustable in length from 34 to 52 centimeters. If you saw the pipe you always can shorten it to the desired length. The diameter of the pipe is 2.05 centimeters inside, 2.3 centimeters outside. This kit contains 2 riser pipes.

Air pump not included.

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