The UGF box (under gravel filter) is a special box that is used in the aquarium to create a complete filter. The box is placed completely in the aquarium and filled with a bottom plate/riser tube (included), filter sponge, ceramic material and soil.


The Shrimps Affair UGF set is a box of 15 x 15 x 9.5 cm, made entirely of strong acrylic. With the included adjustable riser tube, the total height is 23.5 to 35.0 cm. The 4 corners of the UGF set are inlaid with acrylic corners so that no dirt can get into the inner glue edges.

This product is mainly used in aquariums with a pH-lowering soil. By partially filling the UGF box with this substrate, the pH is optimally lowered and kept stable. In addition, the active soil is very easy to replace since it no longer covers the entire aquarium bottom, but mainly has its active effect in the UGF box. A soil change has never been so easy and the pH has never been so stable!

The installation of the UGF box:

The bottom plate always comes on the bottom of the box and the riser tube is always placed on the bottom plate. The water is drawn through the interior of the box and blown back into the aquarium through the riser tube.

The further design of the UGF box is usually from the bottom to the top: filter foam (coarse) / filter material (ceramic) and filled with soil on top.

Lifespan of de active soil:

The lifespan of the active soil differs per aquarium. The soil in the UGF box is easy to replace, but the box contains less soil than on a complete aquarium bottom. As a result, the soil will have to be changed every now and then to keep the pH low and stable. Exactly how often this has to be done depends on which water is used (tap/osmosis), how often water changes take place, etc. The best way to be sure when replacement is needed, is measuring the pH value of the water regularly.

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