Tunze Turbelle e-Jet – Centrifugal Pump


Turbelle e-Jet are centrifugal pumps that deliver high performance. Featuring an impeller with a delineated sense of rotation, these pumps create a water jet without any damaging shearing forces and reduce energy usage by fifty percent when compared to typical aquarium pumps.


Turbelle e-jet Centrifugal pumps are designed for maximum performance, with an impeller that rotates in a defined way to produce a jet of water without any harmful shearing forces and conserving 50% of energy compared to regular aquarium pumps. They feature the latest state-of-the-art technology with its synchronous motor and electronic starting system which make them extremely reliable and require minimal servicing while drawing less current. The design includes a magnet holder for 3D adjustment, allowing easy attachment to any part of the aquarium pane.

Turbelle e-jet can be affixed to the glass pane as a circulation pump or filter, with a magnet holder, strainer, flow deflector and filter cartridge. Alternatively, they can be used as built-in pumps in Comline filters by removing the upper cover of the motor block, eliminating the need for all the additional components.


  • Power: 9 – 12 Watts
  • Cable Length: 2 m
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Flow Rate: 850 – 1600 L/H

Additional information

Weight0.8 kg

1005, 1605, 805