Tropical Supervit Basic Food


Tropical Supervit is a top-quality, multi-ingredient flake food perfectly suited for daily feeding of aquarium fish.


Carefully chosen components cater to the various dietary needs of species kept in a mixed tank. This is all complemented by natural immune stimulators such as Beta 1.3/1.6-Glucan and stabilised vitamin C which provide extra protection against different health issues. Cellulose and chitin promote better digestion and reduce constipation risks, whilst carotenoids intensify colours, with lecithin boosting vitality and encouraging breeding habits. Additionally, zeolite has been added to facilitate toxin elimination from the fish’s bodies as well as promoting a healthier digestive system overall.

Ingredients: fish and fish derivatives, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, molluscs and crustaceans (krill meal min. 1%, squid meal min. 1%), derivatives of vegetable origin (including red pepper extract 1 200 mg/kg), algae (Spirulina platensis min. 0.5%), yeasts (including Beta-1.3/1.6-Glucan 1 000 mg/kg), oils and fats, minerals (including zeolite 1%). Additives (per kg): Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effects: vit. A 38 900 IU, vit. D3 2 100 IU, vit. E 130 mg, vit. C 580 mg. Compounds of trace elements: E1 (Fe) 44.7 mg, E6 (Zn) 12.4 mg, E5 (Mn) 9.3 mg, E4 (Cu) 2.2 mg, E2 (I) 0.3 mg, E8 (Se) 0.3 mg, E7 (Mo) 0.07 mg. Lecithin. Colourants. Antioxidants.

Analytical constituents: crude protein 48.0%, crude oils and fats 8.0%, crude fibres 3.5%, moisture 6.0%.

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100 ml (20 g), 250 ml (50 g), 500 ml (100 g), 1000 ml (200 g), 21 L (4 kg)


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