Tropical Soft Line Arowana Coloure Enhancing Food


Tropical Soft Line Arowana L is the perfect food for juvenile and adult Arowanas.


This floating stick is formulated with herring and insect larvae, providing high-quality proteins and fatty acids like Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. Carotenoids from krill, shrimps, calanus and red pepper as well as natural astaxanthin help to enhance the fish’s colouration. Beta-glucan will improve fish’s immunity while the texture and tantalizing flavor of the food encourages them to feed more.

Tropicals has created a line of foods that is truly remarkable. Their process of producing soft, extruded foods makes them more appealing and digestible for aquarium fish. Not only are they readily consumed by the fish, but they also remain intact while in water, thus reducing swelling to a minimum. As a result, these sticks don’t cloud the water and provide better digestion as well as safety for fish. The nutrients within these non-expandable sticks remain unaltered over time.

Analysis: crude protein: 40.5%, crude fats and oils: 8.5%, crude fibre: 5.6%, moisture: 10.5%.

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100 ml (32 g)


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