Tropical Querex Water Conditioner


Tropical Querex is an oak bark extract that helps maintain aquatic conditions suitable for the breeding and reproduction of ornamental fish.


Tropical Querex introduces natural tannins – organic chemicals known as tanning agents – into the water, creating an environment that replicates the natural habitat of blackwater fish. For centuries, oak bark has been used in traditional medicine due to its prophylactic properties, and when included in an aquarium it helps keep the fish happy and healthy. When Tropical Querex is present in a tank, skin problems are rarely seen; adults also show an increased propensity to spawn, with improved survival rates for their fry. Additionally, Tropical Querex helps stimulate spawning activity, shields eggs, and accelerates the repair of epidermis, mucus coating and fins on affected fish.

Application & Dosage:

Add 10 ml per 100 l of water or until the water takes the desirable colour. Use after each total and partial change of water, after transportation and during acclimatization of fish to new conditions the times when they are particularly susceptible to skin abrasions and cuts. May be used simultaneously with Torfin Complex, Ketapang Extract and Blacklarin. Tropical Querex does not work in hard water. To be used in soft and slightly acid water. It does not harm useful filtration bacteria.

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50 ml, 500 ml


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