Tropical Marine Power Probiotic Soft Formula


Tropical Marine Power Probiotic Soft Formula is a soft food in the form of sinking chips, containing Bacillus subtilis probiotic for omnivorous marine fish and viable bacterial endospores.


This boosts resistance to stress as well as promoting utilization of nutritive components, reducing the impact of feces on water conditions. The formula also contains herring and insects providing high quality protein and Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids. Further enhancing its nutritional benefits, it features krill (10.5%), squid (6%), calanus (1.7%), Spirulina platensis (12%), Chlorella vulgaris (8%), Ascophyllum nodosum (3%) and Laminaria digitata (1.8%). This array of crustaceans, molluscs, algae and red pepper offer added protein, carotenoids, minerals and prebiotics; helping to intensify fish’s colouration.

Ingredients: algae (including Spirulina platensis 12%, Chlorella vulgaris 8%, Ascophyllum nodosum 3%, Laminaria digitata 1.8%), molluscs and crustaceans (including krill meal 10.5%, squid meal 6%, calanus meal 1.7%), fish and fish derivatives (herring meal), insects (insect larvae meal 5%), derivatives of vegetable origin (including garlic 9%, red pepper extract 2 500 mg/kg), vegetable protein extracts, fruit, cereals, yeasts, oils and fats, minerals. Additives (per kg): Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effects: vit. A 41 000 IU, vit. D3 2 400 IU, vit. E 155 mg, vit. C 600 mg. Compounds of trace elements: E1 (Fe) 42.5 mg, E6 (Zn) 11.8 mg, E5 (Mn) 8.8 mg, E4 (Cu) 2.1 mg, E2 (I) 0.26 mg, E8 (Se) 0.26 mg, E7 (Mo) 0.06 mg. Colourants: astaxanthin 100 mg. Antioxidants. Gut flora stabilizers: Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM 15544) min. 1 x 1010 cfu.

Analytical constituents: crude protein 38.5%, crude oils and fats 7.0%, crude fibres 3.2%, moisture* 10.5%.

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100 ml (52 g), 250 ml (130 g)


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