Tropical Marine Power Coral Food SPS Powder


Tropical Marine Power Coral Food SPS Powder has a size of 1-250 µm, allowing it to feed non-photosynthetic corals, soft corals, SPS corals and other filter feeders like sponges and tunicates.


Utilizing advanced production technology, the food has a broad range of particle sizes (1-550 µm), with over 80% falling between 1-250 µm. Many aquaria corals have a mutualistic relationship with zooxanthellae – algae which perform photosynthesis and generate sugars as an energy source for the coral. However, to truly thrive these organisms also need access to other nutrient sources which they acquire heterotrophically by trapping phyto and zooplankton plus certain organic substances suspended in the water. Tropical Marine Power Coral Food SPS Powder provides all these necessary substances for optimal growth of aquarium corals.

Its rich formula includes: microalgae (Spirulina platensis 7%, Chlorella vulgaris 4%). Marine macroalgae (Ascophyllum nodosum 4.8%, Laminaria digitata 1.5%, Lithothamnium calcareum 0.6%). Marine molluscs and crustaceans (krill 10%, squid 6%, shrimps 5%, calanus 2%). Herring (8.5%). Insects (10%). Trace elements (iron, zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium, molybdenum) and vitamins, including vitamins from B group, vitamin D3 and stabilized vitamin C. Particularly valuable ingredient is Lithothamnium calcareum alga, which is the source of minerals, including highly bioavailable calcium and magnesium.

Tropical Marine Power Coral Food SPS Powder should be given 2-3 times per week or as required. Only instill a small quantity of water from the tank into the food, varying the amount depending on the number of corals and characteristics of the aquarium, stirring it before directly introducing it to the tank close to the corals. You can also use the supplied pipette to feed them individually. Remember: you must monitor water quality when feeding corals or other filter feeders, steering clear of overfeeding at all costs.

Analytical constituents: crude protein 43.0%, crude oils and fats 12.0%, crude fibres 3.5%, moisture 8.0%.

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