Tropical Koi Probiotic Pellet


This food is designed for everyday use with koi in a range of temperatures from 8 to 30°C.


Tropical Koi Probiotic pellet contains highly digestible ingredients, and vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed even at colder water temperatures. A probiotic with viable Bacillus subtilis endospores has been added; this helps stabilize the gut microflora, optimizing nutrient assimilation, which in turn reduces contamination of the water from fish waste. The probiotic’s synergistic effects, along with beta-glucan and vitamins, will improve the overall condition of your fish and boost their immune system – it’s recommended even during illnesses, recuperation or acclimatization. Its probiotic content also enhances fertility in breeding and increases fry survival rates, while mitigating stress associated with travel, shows or spawning. Especially suggested for fish weakened by winter hibernation.

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1000 ml (320 g)


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