Tropical Koi & Goldfish Colour Sticks


Tropical Koi & Goldfish Colour Sticks is a food in the form of floating sticks, which is suitable for all coloured koi, goldfish and other colourful decorative carp ponds.


With regular use, it significantly enhances the red and gold colour. Excess debris can be easily removed with a fishnet. There is a properly balanced recipe containing nutrients of plant and animal origin, as well as a set of vitamins and trace elements, providing fish with excellent condition and health. It is used willingly by some amphibians and crabs. Applied regularly, Koi & Goldfish Colour Sticks keeps your pets in perfect condition and contributes to their even growth and development. Due to the reduced phosphorus content, the food does not contribute to the development of algae in the lake. It is recommended to use it from early spring to late autumn at water temperatures above 10 ° C and during the wintering of small fish indoors.

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1000 ml (90 g)


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