Tropical Gammarus Turtle & Fish Food


Tropical Gammarus (Gammarus pulex) is a small crustacean, averaging around 2 – 3 cm, belonging to the amphipod order (Amphipoda).


This important dietary element for fish living in their natural environments is available as dried, easy-to-use gammarus that provides a range of micro and macroelements as well as beta-carotene – a natural colourant from the group of carotenoids. Beta-carotene works to intensify the colours of fish and takes part in several crucial physiological processes, helping them remain healthy. Moreover, gammarus are an excellent source of chitin – a substance that regulates digestive functions and shields fish from any deleterious effects arising from constipation. To sum up, gammarus can be utilized for aquatic and terrestrial turtles, along with large fish species living in aquariums or ponds.

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100 ml (12 g), 250 ml (30 g), 500 ml (60 g)


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