Tropical Algin Pond


Introducing Algin Pond, the ultimate solution for combating green algae in your pond. Green algae not only pose significant threats to the aesthetics of your pond but also disrupt the delicate balance of your water’s chemical parameters. This can lead to the deterioration of higher plant life and ultimately result in their demise. Don’t let this looming infestation take control. Take charge with Algin Pond.


Designed specifically to limit the growth of green algae, Algin Pond is a powerful preparation that tackles this menace head-on. With its potent formula, it effectively inhibits and curbs the growth of unwanted green algae, ensuring a healthy and thriving pond ecosystem.

What sets Algin Pond apart is its ability to address the core factors that contribute to green algae proliferation. Increased water hardness and high concentrations of nitric compounds create favourable conditions for the growth of these algae. With Algin Pond, you can combat these factors, hindering the formation of a breeding ground for green algae.

By incorporating Algin Pond into your pond maintenance routine, you’ll witness a significant reduction in green algae, bringing back the natural beauty that your pond deserves. Say goodbye to unsightly and unwanted invaders, and restore the tranquillity and serenity of your outdoor oasis.

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