Tourmaline Mineral Ball for Water Purification

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These mineral balls contain more than 30 different minerals. The main components are tourmaline and activated carbon. The balls continuously release minerals into the water for a long time. This makes it easier for shrimps to survive molting and promotes the development of beneficial microflora and microfauna. Also, these beads can be used as a substrate for bacteria in the filter. Tourmaline is able to emit weak electric fields that stimulate the growth and division of living cells. In addition, the balls absorb by-products of organic decay (feed residues, dead plant leaves), reducing the growth of blue-green algae.

  • Generation of a weak electric field.
  • Maintaining a stable and optimal pH of water.
  • Ensuring safe molting.
  • Improvement of animal colouring.
  • Absorption of pollutants.
  • Support of beneficial microflora and microfauna.
  • Reducing the growth of blue-green algae.

Usage: Add the balls to the aquarium at the rate of 1 ball per 1 – 2 liters of water. Add the balls to the residential aquarium gradually, after the water indicators have stabilized. In plant aquariums, the norm can be increased.

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