Tantora Extra Large Catappa Leaves


Tantora extra large catappa leaves (also known as Ketapang-, Almond, Terminalia or sea almond tree leaves) are taken from the sea almond tree.


The Tantora offers extra large catappa leaves, which are derived from the sea almond tree and also go by names such as Ketapang, Almond, or Terminalia. These leaves are known for their high levels of natural tannins, which provide various benefits for water and environment maintenance. They help lower pH levels, have antibacterial properties, create a natural aesthetic in aquariums, enhance the colors of aquatic life, reduce stress, and act as a preventive measure against diseases.

Shrimp, crayfish, snails and bottom feeders (L-numbers, scrapers) find the catappa leaves very tasty, and the leaves are therefore excellent supplementary feed. Many small shrimps and crayfish gather on the catappa leaves to eat it. The little shrimps always get enough food this way improving survival rates.

Catappa leaves give off a antibacterial substance (the tannins) for 3 to 4 weeks. The leaves are eaten completely until only the veins of the leaf remain. After 3 to 4 weeks, a new leaf can be added to the aquarium. The old leaf can be removed when only the veins are left or when the new one is added if no ‘eaters’ are present.

Dosage: Every 3 to 4 weeks a new leaf on 50 liters of water.

Unlimited shelf life when stored dry. Available in 10 or 50 pieces.

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