Tantora Catappa Bark Round


This product is safe for all aquarium animals. «Prevention is better than cure» is very important in an aquarium. It is very difficult to detect certain diseases, especially in shrimps and crayfish. When they arise it is often too late for the entire group.


Tantora catappa bark round is bark from the sea almond tree, which is also known for its catappa leaves. The bark has many advantages in the aquarium. The bark protects against harmful bacteria and infections, protects the mucous membrane, and promotes the vitality of aquarium animals. Catappa bark also naturally lowers the pH value of aquarium water. This is due to the same substances as in catappa leaves, tannins.

1 bag contains 2 round pieces of catappa bark. Since the bark is shaped as round tubes, they are often used as shelter by (young) shrimps and crayfish. Once the bark has worn off, it can simply remain where it is. In this way they support the natural appearance of the aquarium and stimulate the natural living environment.

Dosage: Once every 3 months, 1 round bark per 50 liters of aquarium water.

Dimensions & Contents: Length 6 – 10 cm, diameter 1.5 – 2.5 cm. NB; This is a natural product, sizes may vary.

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