Submersible Waterproof Brushless Ultra-Quiet Mini Water Pump

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Centrifugal pump – a pump with an electric motor with a capacity of up to 4 liters per minute (240 L/h) with a low safe operating voltage of 12 volts, suitable for pumping water, chemicals, feeding nutrient solutions in hydroponics. Can be completely immersed in liquid.

The pump with a wet rotor, does not need maintenance and cooling. The main advantage of this pump over analogues is that it is collapsible, i.e. by unscrewing the screws from the end of the pump, you can clean the rotor. Which prevents jamming from dirt and solid particles.

Submersible Waterproof Brushless Ultra-quiet Mini Water Pump

The BLDC motor runs smoothly and stably, with a low noise level (about 40 dB).
The permanent magnetic rotor and ceramic shaft provide excellent performance.
Suitable for aquarium, aquarium, fountain and many other places.
Spark-free, explosion-proof, safe to use.
Low consumption, high efficiency, long service life.

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