Submersible Germicidal UV Sterilizer

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  • Suppress harmful bacteria in water.Prevent bacterial growth and algae growth.
  • Keep the water clear. Independent power switch is perfect for safer use.
  • Due to UV radiation, the DNA of the microorganism is destroyed and its reproductive ability is lost, and most of the bacteria and algae in the water are killed, thus, the healthy water.
  • Made of high quality materials, more durable.The tail is made of insulating material to make it waterproof and more secure. The multi-stage sealing ring can be used for diving.
  • The scope of application is not only fish tanks, but also rock garden fountains, fish ponds and aquaculture.


  • This product can emit effective UV rays. UV rays have certain damage to the human body. Please do not pay attention to it through naked eyes. Direct radiation injures people’s eyes and skin. It is prohibited to directly irradiate organisms.
  • The disinfection lamp can only be used in the filter tank, and cannot be used directly in the fish tank, otherwise the fish will be injured or died due to long-term uv radiation!


  • Power: 13 W
  • Voltage: 110/220 V
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: ABS + Quartz

Submersible Germicidal UV Sterilizer
Submersible Germicidal UV Sterilizer
Submersible Germicidal UV Sterilizer

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