Smart Sensor pH & Temperature Digital Meter

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A pH meter is an electronic device used for measuring the pH which is either the concentration of Hydrogen ions in an aqueous solution or the activity of the Hydrogen ions in an aqueous solution. The pH will indicate if the solution is acidic or basic, but is not a measure of acidity or alkalinity. pH meters work in liquids though special probes are sometimes used to measure the pH of semi-solid substances. A pH meter consists of a special measuring probe (a glass electrode) connected to the body which measures and displays the pH reading.

Smart Sensor pH & Temperature Digital Meter
Smart Sensor pH & Temperature Digital Meter

  • Data hold, max & min measurement function.
  • Separated pH and temperature sensor probes pH meter: It is easy to carry.
  • Low battery indication and 30 minutes auto power off: It can remind you and save the power.
  • LCD display and backlight: it is easy to read and accurately testing.
  • Apply in water sources, aquarium, hydroponics, spas, swimming pools and other water systems.
  • Electrode probe can be replaced – replaceable BNC pH sensor probe.

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