Shrimps Forever Black Water


Shrimps Forever Black Water extract is rich in natural humus and fulvoic acids that occur in the natural environment of shrimps, crayfish and fish. These natural acids are also called tannins. Black water extract works effectively against bacteria, fungi, and algae and helps prevent diseases.


The natural acids have a stress-reducing effect on the shrimp, crayfish, and fish which helps to prevent diseases. The natural acids provide a natural reduction in pH, making the animals feel more comfortable and more active. All this contributes to the good and healthy development of shrimps, crayfish, and fish.


Use about 1 milliliter of black water per 10 liters of water. You can add black water once a week. 1 bottle of black water contains 130 milliliters and is sufficient for 1300 liters of water. Including drip cap (20 drops is about 1 milliliter).

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130 ml


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