Shrimps Affair Hatchery


With the Shrimps Affair hatchery you can easily & safely hatch eggs from small (deceased) aquarium inhabitants such as shrimps, crayfish and small fish.


The hatchery (egg tumbler) is very easy to use and can be set up in seconds. Due to its short length of only 13 cm, it is well suited for nano aquariums and breeding/quarantine boxes.

The hatchery works entirely on air and comes with a piece of air hose and air valve. The bottom of the hatchery is removable so that the eggs can be placed between 2 very fine meshes. As a result, the eggs are always well protected and they can never fly out of the hatchery. 2 suction cups are included with which the hatchery can be hung on the inside of the aquarium.

The Shrimps Affair hatchery needs to be connected to an air pump (not included). The water flow through the hatchery can be regulated by means of the amount of air/air valve.

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