Shadow Catfish


The Hyalobagrus flavus, or Shadow Catfish, is a captivating species that adds an air of mystery to any aquarium. With its sleek and dark body, it effortlessly glides through the water, mesmerizing all who observe it. Bring elegance and allure to your aquarium with the Hyalobagrus flavus, the Shadow Catfish.


Introducing the Hyalobagrus flavus, also known as the Shadow Catfish. This stunning species brings an air of mystery and intrigue to any aquarium setting. With its sleek and dark body, it effortlessly glides through the water, captivating all who observe it.

Maintaining optimal conditions for the Shadow Catfish is crucial to their well-being. Keep the water temperature between 21°C – 26°C to ensure their comfort and vitality. Maintaining a pH level of 5.5 – 7.0 and a general hardness level of 0 – 5 dGH will provide them with the ideal habitat they need to flourish.

Please note that the image provided is for illustrative purposes only. As the fish is still in its juvenile stage, it has yet to reach its full size and colour potential. However, even in its young form, it exudes an aura of elegance and beauty.

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3 – 4 cm, 2 – 3 cm (Dutch Bred)