Semi-automatic Manual Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

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MUTIPLE FUNCTIONS. Water Changing & Sand Washing: The built-in valve of the fish tank cleaner will prevent dirty water and feces from returning to tank and sand from coming out with water at the same time. Algae Removing: The Glass Scraper can clear away algae at the bottom and the wall effectively.
EASY TO INSTALL & OPERATE. No extra tools are needed to complete the installation. Air-pressing design, the aquarium gravel cleaner can be moved to the desired position at will, and the fish feces and dirt can be cleared away easily.
FIXED CLIP. The unique design of fixed clip can be fixed on the edge of the fish tank, and the tightness of the fixed clip can be adjusted. The tank cleaner can free your hands!
DETACHABLE PIPE. Through the connector, the two sections of pipes can be tightly connected together. The length of the fish tank vacuum can reach to 92 cm. The gravel vacuum for aquarium is suitable for fish tanks of various sizes.
EFFICIENT CLEANING. The water-changing and cleaning of the fish tank can be completed in a very short time by the aquarium sand cleaner. Saving your efforts and decreasing your worries.


WeightAbout 490 g

Fish tank vacuum set includes: 2 extended inlet pipe, with adjustable extra-long pipe, which is suitable for all types of fish tanks; 1 extension connector; 1 glass scraper; 1 outlet pipe; 1 water flow clip, it’s easy to adjust water flow; 1 fixed clip (water pipe clip).

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