Sanital + Ketapang Water Additive


Sanital + Ketapang improves sanitary conditions in common tanks (mature and newly established), and accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, mucus coating and fins, hence is particularly recommended for quarantine in sanitary tanks.


Sanital + Ketapang is an aquarium salt with Ketapang leaves (Terminalia catappa) and oak bark extracts. Intended for conditioning aquarium water for blackwater fish such as discus, angelfish, neon tetra etc., and brackish water fish. The addition of vitamin B1 alleviates stress, which is particularly important in the case of numerous timid fish such as characins. Tannins and humic acids from the extracts of Ketapang and oak bark make the environment of the tank safe and healthy for the fish. The influence of these substances is particularly important in the case of fish weakened by transportation, undergoing an acclimatization period, or suffering from skin abrasions and injuries; after water changes and in new tanks with a high risk of toxic nitrite development.

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100 ml, 3 L


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