Safe Mean for Water Purification

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Freshwater aquariums are sometimes overgrown with algae. The process becomes uncontrollable. Green, brown, black vegetation destroys the fish dwelling. For normal existence, successful reproduction, fish need a healthy environment. This cleaner will help you maintain a healthy environment and get rid of unwanted moss.

  • This cleaner reduces odor while balancing algae and micro-organisms.
  • Eliminates excessive moss, algae which turns your water cloudy and unsightly.
  • Significantly improves the health and life-span of your beloved fishes.
  • Eliminate unwanted moss at high speed and efficiency and control algae growth in the water.
  • This is the most cost-effective, sustainable, safest way of maintaining the clean water into your tanks!

How to Use:

  • Remove Existing Algae per 100 L Water: 2 g reagent.
  • Preventions of Algae per 100 L Water: 1 g reagent.
  • After applying 2 – 3 times, please change the 1 / 4 water  before use.

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