Rare Natural Mushroom Coral for Aquarium Decoration

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Mushroom Corals are some of the most colorful and decorative reef tank inhabitants. These eye-catching beauties are a favorite of all reef hobbyists.

Can put them in the fish tank, with fine sand, seaweed, rockery, give the fish made a amusement park, to give the fish a warm home!

Other Uses: Sea shell and Conch, baker can be used to decorate household style, not the ocean style, in modern times, the English countryside, the Mediterranean, Korean rural styles such as often as you can see them, they can be arbitrary collocation in any scenario and style. Can post them on the wall to make special background wall, friends after watching the show originality will praise you. They can also be put by TV ark, floating window, bath crock edge, and so on. Remember also like in the home to the beach.


MaterialNatural Mushroom Coral
Size7 – 12 cm
Quantity1 Pc

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