Quick Drying Coral Glue

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Coral & Plant glue is a type of fast bonding, high—strength adhesive that adheres to almost any material. The glue is very easy to use and is an excellent choice for organizing decorations in an aquarium. It also helps plants stay stationary in one place. It is valued for its resistance to temperature and moisture. It can be used on rocks, rocks, metal structures, plastics, glass and most other common substances found in aquariums.

Quick Drying Coral Glue
Quick Drying Coral Glue

Glue for coral and plants is professional designed for saltwater coral fish and freshwater plant. It can fasten the corals to stones and plants to windsor stones within 10 seconds. Glue can be used to fix almost all the decorations in your aquarium. They bind well, dry quickly and have high strength, super glue can also be used on reefs, castles and other decorations.

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