Premium Plus Rabbit Junior Food for Young Rabbits


Tropifit Premium Plus Rabbit Junior is a complete food for 8-week-old to one-year-old young rabbits. It is made of fiber-rich granules with grasses, alfalfa, apples and sunflower seeds plus added dried vegetables and herbs rich in vitamins.


This nourishing formula offers all the essential nutrients for growing rabbits. Its prebiotic properties are meant to boost the normal intestinal flora and support the immune system. Zeolite is also added to reduce unpleasant odors coming from feces. As it is GMO-free and does not have any preservatives, flavor enhancers, added sugar or flavors, this premium plus food provides daily balanced nourishment suitable for rodents and other small mammals. In addition to high-quality granules with apple, currant, grass, alfalfa, sunflower etc., it contains large pieces of dried fruit and vegetables as well as dried aromatic herbs such as parsley, mint, chamomile and calendula flower to improve peristalsis and reduce flatulence.

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750 g


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