Premium Plus Rabbit Adult Food for Rabbits


Tropifit Premium Plus Rabbit Adult is a secure source of nourishment for rabbits, made up of fiber-rich granules with grasses, alfalfa, apples and sunflower seeds that are enriched with vitamins from dried vegetables and aromatic herbs.


Its prebiotic components create an ideal environment for normal intestinal flora, while the addition of zeolite lessens the odour of droppings. No genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), preservatives, flavour enhancers, sugar or artificial flavours have been included in this product. Tropifit Premium Plus offers a fully balanced line of food tailored to meet the nutritional needs of rodents and other small mammals, combining easily digestible granules including apple, currant, grasses and alfalfa along with pieces of fruit and vegetables as well as different types of dried herbs such as parsley and mint. This premium range will improve peristalsis, increase intestinal function and help to prevent flatulence.

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750 g


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