Portable Aquarium Air Pump


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Experience the perfect blend of convenience and functionality with our Portable Aquarium Air Pump. Specially designed for all aquarium enthusiasts, this professional-grade pump boasts a power output of 3 W, ensuring optimal performance for your aquatic habitat. With a remarkable flow rate of 1.5 L/Min, our air pump provides ample oxygenation to sustain a healthy ecosystem within your aquarium. Achieve superior water movement and enhance fish wellbeing like never before.

Boasting an impressive air pressure of 0.17 Mpa, this compact device guarantees efficient air distribution throughout your tank, keeping your underwater friends happy and thriving in their environment. The outlet diameter measures at 4 mm—ideal for accommodating various airline tubing sizes while ensuring smooth airflow circulation without any disturbances or blockages. No need to worry about tangled cords! Our Portable Aquarium Air Pump comes with a generous power cord length of 50 cm, offering flexibility in placement options within your setup.

With dimensions measuring at only 86 x 57 x 4 mm, this sleek device easily fits into any corner or compartment of your aquarium system. Its discreet appearance won’t overshadow the beauty of your aquascape but will undoubtedly elevate its overall functionality.


Power3 W
Flow Rate1.5 L/ Min
Air Pressure0.17 Mpa
Outlet Diameter4 mm
Power Cord Lenght50 cm
Size86 x 57 x 4 mm

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