Portable Aquarium Air Pump

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This portable air pump is equipped with an intelligent infrared automatic induction, making operation a breeze. It offers three different modes: pumping, oxygenating, and illuminating, making it a versatile tool for anyone interested in activities like fishkeeping, camping, travel, fishing or hiking. It’s a perfect addition to your gear!

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Built-in with a high-capacity 2200mAh battery, this air pump guarantees an exceptional usage time of up to 36 hours, ensuring uninterrupted operation without the hassle of frequent charging. With its commitment towards environmental preservation, it stands as a testament to our devotion towards creating sustainable solutions for you and the ecosystem surrounding us.

Simplicity meets ingenuity through intelligent infrared automatic induction, liberating your hands from tedious tasks while seamlessly operating the pump effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use for amateurs and professionals alike — making it suitable for everyone seeking optimum functionality in their underwater haven.

Boasting high-power LED lighting capabilities, this versatile pump not only provides essential oxygenation but also lends significant convenience during nighttime fishing sessions by illuminating bait effectively. Dive into three exquisite modes that offer multiple choices: indulge in intelligent mode’s unmatched efficiency; revel in long effluent/oxygenation model for extended periods; or simply opt for the illumination mode — granting you complete control over your aquatic atmosphere.


Size12.5 x 7 x 3 cm
Battery Capacity2200 mAh
Air Volume6 L / Min
Pumping Height1.8 m
Charging Power240 V/50 Hz
Aerobic Endurance6 H
Lighting Life36 H

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