Plastic Bag


Our square Plastic Bag, made with metallocene for extra sealing strength, is the perfect choice for protecting and transporting tropical or ornamental fish. With its expandable sides that form a square bottom, your aquatic creatures won’t get stuck in any corners as they’re transported in this 3 mm polyethylene bag.


Transporting fish is a critical component of fish culture. To stock ponds with fry and fingerlings, they need to be moved from hatcheries. Our plastic fish bags make it effortless to transfer fish from aquariums. The open end facilitates easy transportation when fastened with twist ties. Ensuring that adequate oxygen stays in the water during transportation is essential. Specialized oxygen-bottles are typically employed, by injecting the contents into a sealed water-filled plastic bag containing the fish. Generally, one quarter of the bag must be filled with water and fish while three quarters will comprise pure oxygen. Twist ties or other fasteners are then used to close the bag prior to placing it in a container to protect it while loaded onto vehicles for transport. With proper insulation from heat, these packages can keep fish alive for 24 – 48 hours without needing an upgrade in water supply.

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Weight0.9 kg

50 Pcs (170 x 400), 50 Pcs (240 x 570)