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  • The internal structure of the filter material mimics the structure of an ant nest, and has more internal space, which promotes the growth and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria and allows for the rapid cultivation of bacteria.
  • Also, water can directly penetrate into the filter material instead of flowing around the filter material.
  • And the aging bacterial membrane can be discharged in time, no residue remains, and it does not take up space for bacterial cultivation.
  • It contains trace elements that are very useful for fish and can be slowly released and dissolved in water.
  • Neutral filter material, when used for a long time does not affect the hardness of water, it is also suitable for freshwater and seawater.

Aquarium filter material is suitable for fresh water and seawater tank. Great help to restore the natural water quality and provide the most suitable environment for your fish. Millions of round particles sintered from ceramic clay make it create three-dimensional voids, forming micron-sized pores, and the pore size is equivalent to the general molecular size. It can help you Improve Water quickly and clear water filter Impurity, decompose harmful ammonia (NH3/4), nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3) in water to establish a healthy water nitration system.

Usage: A single block can deal with 80 – 120 liters of water, reduce maintenance and change the water, creating a more scientific filtration system.

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