Nettle Excellent Shrimp Food 30 g


PowerShrimp nettle excellent are nettle food sticks made of 100% natural nettle leaves. No added flavorings, preservatives or other attractants. Additional shrimp food.


Only the best controlled nettle leaves are used in this shrimp food. Nettle contains tannin’s, minerals, vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium and potassium. Nettle also contains high levels of silicates which help in the skin changing process (molting). Nettle is very popular with many species of shrimp as a very natural food source.

Does not make the water turbid. 100% organic shrimp food. Can be used as additional shrimp food besides complete shrimp food.


Resealable ziplock bag with 30 grams of nettle sticks.

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30 g


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