MiniMax Nano Reactor


The MiniMax Nano Reactor is a revolutionary way to make chemical and biological filtration more efficient for nano & mini marine aquariums. Its ingenious engineering maximizes performance by providing users with immediate flow control, low power consumption, convenient maintenance and the most compact form factor in the market.


The Innovative Marine MiniMax is an all-in-one media reactor that fits into the rear chambers of the Innovative Marine nano aquariums and is small enough to service other brands of tanks as well. It’s dual chamber design lets hobbyists use just about any media of their choice, including biopellets, granular ferric oxide, activated carbon, or more.

To keep the MiniMax as simple and clean looking as possible, IM gave it a patent pending design that avoids the use of flexible tubing, ball valves, thumb screws, and what they refer to as unnecessary clutter. The body is made up of dual chambers, with one serving as a removable tube of sorts that allows hobbyists to easy replenish or change media when the time comes. Feeding water into the reactor is a small pump, located directly beneath everything that provides that crucial bottom to top water flow. Water fills the inner chamber and passively flows out of the top, which is where the flow control comes in. To slow things down or speed them up, simply rotate the inner chamber one way or another, altering how the drain holes of the inner chamber line up with those of the outer chamber.

The layout of the IM MiniMax reactor is such that it gives it the tiniest footprint of any media reactor. This allows its use to be virtually limitless in the nano aquarium world, and for many of the IM Nuvo aquariums, it can be run in conjunction with the IM SkimMate protein skimmer. A media reactor and protein skimmer combo on a nano aquarium was almost unheard until now, and IM has done a great job of packing a ton of firepower into their product line.

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Weight0.6 kg

2.5 Watts