Mini Submersible Filter


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This filter is a smaller version of the external filter. It has filter elements and a pump combined in a single housing. It is installed using hooks on the side or back wall of the aquarium from the outside, so it does not occupy internal space and is practically not visible from the outside, especially if there is a background. It is equipped with a tube for taking water from the aquarium with a mesh that prevents small fish and other inhabitants from getting inside.

  • Restart without adding water to avoid motor burned.
  • Optimal flow is realized by adjustable flow regulating valve.
  • Ultra-quiet, motor running will not bring noise, do not affect the life and mood.
  • High efficiency filtration, waterfall design flow, easy hanging on the outer wall of the tank.
  • Come with a oil film remover, great for improving water quality, keep the tank have a clean and fresh environment.

Mini Submersible Filter
Mini Submersible Filter
Mini Submersible Filter
Mini Submersible Filter

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