Mini Aquarium Fish Tank Heater

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The most important condition for the favorable functioning of your aquarium is to maintain a certain temperature that is optimal for a particular type of fish. This device not only allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature for the inhabitants of the aquarium, but also to perform other tasks — they normalize the microclimate, prevent the development of harmful bacteria, positively affect the life and well-being of aquarium fish.

  • USB heating rod, the temperature can be adjusted from 18 – 34 degrees, automatic power off when the temperature exceeds 36 °C.
  • Mini size, saving space in the fish tank and is more beautiful.
  • Digital LED display, the adjustment accuracy is 0.5 °C or 1 °F, and the display accuracy is 0.1 °C, simple operation.
    Made of nichrome wire, durable and safe.
  • Suitable for fighting fish tanks, mini tanks, turtle tanks, horned frogs, pet drinking water etc.

Mini Aquarium Fish Tank Heater
Mini Aquarium Fish Tank Heater

Instruction for Use:

  • When the power is turned on, put the heating rod tube into
    the water, the controller display shows 88.8, and then the display shows the temperature set last time.
  • After 3 seconds, the controller displays the currently detected water temperature.
  • The temperature adjustment display screen flashes and enters
    the temperature setting mode, the display shows the last set temperature value, short press once to increase by 0.5 °C (US by 1 °F), the temperature range is 18 – 34 °C cyclically set, no button operation for 3 seconds
  • Then automatically save the currently set temperature value. When the real-time water temperature is lower than the set
    temperature by 0.1°C, it will enter the temperature control state, and the green light will be on at this time.
    When the real-time water temperature is lower than the set temperature by 0.5°C, it will enter the heating state, and the red light will be on for heating.

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