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Marine Power Easy Calcium has been designed to raise the level of calcium in the marine aquarium and it is intended mainly for smaller tanks occupied mostly by soft corals.


Calcium is one of the main macro elements of seawater. It is extremely important for the growth of stony corals (SPS/LPS) and other organisms, such as snails or mussels. These organisms consume calcium directly from the water. This is why the deficit of calcium can slow down their growth, but also negatively affect their condition and health.

The level of calcium in tropical seas is about 390 – 420 mg/l. In most marine aquariums, the Ca level should be kept as constant as possible, in the range of 380 – 440 mg/l.

In a properly functioning marine aquarium, Ca ions are constantly decreasing, mainly due to the consumption of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is consumed not only by calcifying corals (SPS and LPS) but also by molluscs (snails, bivalves) and Coralline algae. The decrease of calcium should be supplemented daily with Marine Power Easy Calcium. Calcium consumption depends on many factors, such as water temperature, lighting, type of stock in the aquarium and many others, and its level requires regular checking. The better conditions in the aquarium, the faster the corals grow and the faster they consume calcium from the water. Therefore, calcium supplementation must be constantly controlled and adjusted to the needs of the aquarium.

If mainly soft corals are kept in the tank, the daily Ca consumption may be small and may vary on a daily basis, therefore we recommend calculating average daily Ca consumption. To determine that, two measurements of Ca should be made with an interval of 4 – 5 days. It is important that both tests are made at about the same time of the day and that water changes (if done every week) are made at least 24 hours before or after the tests. This way, they will not affect the results. In a healthy aquarium, the first Ca score should be higher than the second. Then we subtract the second result from the first, and divide the obtained value by the number of days (minus 1) between the two tests.

The result tells us, how much the daily Ca supplementation should be increased. If the result equals 0, Ca supplementation is not required. Please remember that Ca consumption will change with the growth of corals and other invertebrates in the aquarium. Therefore, this process should be repeated every couple of weeks.

The dosage of Marine Power Easy Calcium depends on the daily calcium consumption. One full cap of the liquid added to the aquarium will increase the level of calcium by approximately 40 mg/l in 100 l of water.

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