Marine Power Easy Anions


Tropical Marine Power Easy Anions is a scientifically formulated supplement for marine environments. The solution contains iodine and fluoride, which are essential for the healthy development of a wide variety of marine invertebrates such as sponges, tunicates, crustaceans and corals.


Iodine is a major contributor to cell metabolism in many marine invertebrates and is continuously depleted in marine aquariums due to consumption by aquatic inhabitants. It is also responsible for the brilliant blue colours of coral and the development of shellfish in shrimp and crabs. Fluoride helps to promote healthy processes during the calcification of stony corals.

The solution helps control the amount of zooxanthella in coral tissues, helping to brighten their natural colouration. A small deficiency of these elements is not dangerous for corals but can affect their condition and inhibit their growth. In systems where the levels of nitrates (NO3-) and phosphates (PO43-) cannot be detected for a long time, Marine Power Easy Anions helps you achieve attractive colours, especially blue and pink. Marine Power Easy Anions is formulated to complement the Marine Power Easy Cations, so we recommend using these products together.

Add 20 ml (one full cap) per 100l of water every 4 – 5 days to maintain healthy iodine and fluorine levels. Since the excess of iodine and fluorine can be harmful to the inhabitants of the aquarium, the recommended doses should not be exceeded. In natural reef water, iodine is about 0.06 mg/l (at a salinity of 35 ppt). In a marine aquarium, the iodine content may not exceed 0.1 mg/l. In natural seawater, fluorine does not exceed 1.4 mg/l (at a salinity of 35 ppt). The fluorine level in the aquarium should be kept below 2 mg/l.

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