Marine Power Advanced Magnesium


Tropical Marine Power Advanced Magnesium is a top-of-the-line, self-prepared concentrated solution for marine aquariums, but is designed specifically for smaller aquariums occupied primarily by soft corals.


Along with chloride and sodium, magnesium is one of the three main components of seawater and supports the availability of calcium and strontium for the calcification of corals such as LPS and SPS corals, snails and mussels. Magnesium is also an important bio-element that helps many marine organisms with their metabolic processes. The level of magnesium in natural coral sea environments is approximately 1280 – 1320 mg/l.

In the majority of marine aquariums, the level of magnesium should be maintained at a stable and similar range. Small deviations of 10 – 15% are not dangerous for the invertebrates in the aquarium but they can stress the corals and become even more problematic over time. Although magnesium is not the main component of the coral skeleton, its ions are often built into the composition of the skeleton and for some species of corals, magnesium accounts for over 3% of the skeletal structure. Magnesium consumption depends on many factors, such as water temperature, lighting, type of stock in the aquarium and others, and its level requires regular checking.

Marine Power Advanced Magnesium is ideal for use in popular supplementation programs. Each 10 ml of this solution raises the level of magnesium by about 7.3 mg in 100 l of water in the aquarium. Due to the potential stress on corals and other animals in aquariums, the daily increase of magnesium should not exceed 80 mg/l.

Note: Excess and deficiency of magnesium can be both harmful to marine invertebrates, so you should regularly check the magnesium level in the aquarium.

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