Marine Power Advanced Calcium


Marine Power Advanced Calcium has been designed for the self-preparation of concentrated solutions for raising calcium levels in marine aquariums. Marine Power Advanced Calcium powder is intended mainly for aquariums with the dominance of SPS/LPS stony corals.


Calcium is very important for the healthy growth of stony corals (SPS/LPS) and for many marine organisms, such as snails or mussels. These organisms take calcium directly from the water column. This is why the deficit of calcium can slow down their growth, but also negatively affect their condition and health.

The level of calcium in tropical seas is about 390 – 420 mg/l. In most marine aquariums, the Ca level should be kept as constant as possible, in the range of 380 – 440 mg/l.

In a properly functioning marine aquarium, Ca ions are constantly decreasing, mainly due to the consumption of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is consumed not only by calcifying corals (SPS and LPS) but also by molluscs (snails, bivalves) and Coralline algae. The decrease of calcium should be replenished every day with Marine Power Advanced Calcium. Calcium consumption depends on many factors, such as water temperature, lighting, type of stock in the aquarium and many others, and its level requires regular checking. The better conditions in the aquarium, the faster the corals grow and the faster they consume calcium from the water. Therefore, calcium supplementation must be constantly controlled and adjusted to the needs of the aquarium.

Preparation of 1 litre of the supplement:

1) Using kitchen scales, weigh 55 g of the powder.
2) Pour about 800 ml of RODI water at room temperature (20˚C) into a container with a volume scale.
3) Add 55 g of Marine Power Advanced Calcium to a container filled with water and mix until the crystals are completely dissolved.
4) Top up the container up to 1 l (1000 ml) with RODI water.
5) If you need more liquid, use the table below (use only RODI water).

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