Large Glass Round Tank


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Large Glass Round Tank

When choosing an aquarium sphere, first of all it is necessary to take into account its harmony in the interior. Using a variety of color solutions, it can be placed in a room made in almost any style. Lighting, colored stones and artificial plants in the design of the aquarium will help bring it in line with the overall plan. So, for historical and ethnic interiors, a spherical aquarium of large volumes, at least 20 liters, with a natural soil of coarse sand and pebbles and real plants is more suitable.

What is so attractive about a round aquarium? Here are some arguments in his favor

  1. A pond of this shape, if it is properly decorated and well-groomed, looks appropriate in almost any interior.
  2. The all-glass or acrylic construction is completely devoid of the possibility of leaks, which allows you to install the aquarium on any surface.
  3. The internal space of the reservoir is maximally accessible for observation.

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