Komodo Thermometer Digital


Accurately tracking temperature within an enclosure is vital for providing the optimal environment for each species. The Komodo Digital Thermometer makes monitoring it a breeze with its flexible remote sensor probe, providing readings in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade to be easily viewed on the digital display.


More accurate than most analogue reptile thermometers, the Komodo Digital Thermometer gives superbly accurate temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius from the probe placed inside your vivarium or terrarium.

Getting your reptile’s environment to the right temperature and maintaining it there is incredibly important for the health and happiness of your reptile, as their biology is best adapted to warmer climates and being too cold can mean their digestion and blood circulation can suffer.

With a Komodo Digital Thermometer, you can ensure you have an accurate picture of the conditions in your vivarium or terrarium, meaning you can take quick action to either boost or lower temperature should that be needed.

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