Komodo Smart Dish


The Komodo Smart Dish is perfect for feeding giant mealworms as the tall sides and lip prevent them from escaping. Can be used for smaller mealworms, fruits and vegetables, and other suitable food for your reptiles needs.


The Komodo Smart Dish is a little more sophisticated than most reptile-feeding dishes – it’s perfect for live food such as mealworms that can wriggle their way out of average dishes, meaning that your reptile either loses food or ends up ingesting substrate during the eating process, potentially leading to problems.

Instead, the walls are high and internally convex, meaning your mealworms won’t be able to escape, giving your reptile the run of the house. This feeder is particularly good for larger geckos, such as Leopard geckos.

Measures approximately 4.5 x 12 x 8 cm.

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