Komodo Evergreen Canopy


Enhance your reptile’s habitat with the Komodo Evergreen Canopy. This artificial evergreen plant provides an ideal hiding place and realistic environment for reptiles. With flexible stems and a weighted base to keep it upright, this 35 cm / 14″ canopy is perfect for creating a visually stunning reptile enclosure.


Introducing the Komodo Evergreen Canopy, the perfect solution for creating a lifelike and captivating reptile habitat. Crafted with attention to detail, this artificial evergreen plant offers an ideal hiding place for your reptilian companions and their live food.

Designed with two-tiered foliage and flexible stems, the Komodo Evergreen Canopy allows you to shape it according to your preference, providing a natural and realistic environment for your reptiles. Whether you have a bearded dragon, a chameleon, or a gecko, this canopy is suitable for various species.

With its approximate height of 35 cm / 14″, the Komodo Evergreen Canopy adds vertical dimension to your reptile enclosure, creating a visually appealing and engaging space. Your reptiles will love exploring the intricate branches and leaves, mimicking their natural habitat.

To ensure stability, the Komodo Evergreen Canopy comes complete with a weighted base. This thoughtful addition keeps the plant upright, preventing any accidental tipping that could disrupt the aesthetic appeal of your reptile enclosure.

Not only does the Komodo Evergreen Canopy offer a practical solution for your reptile’s needs, but it also enhances the overall visual appeal of your habitat. Perfect for reptile enthusiasts looking to create a stunning and inviting environment for their scaly friends.

Invest in the Komodo Evergreen Canopy today and transform your reptile’s living space into a lush, realistic haven that will provide comfort and entertainment for years to come.

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