Highly-Quality Aquascaping Glue


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Aquascaping Glue – Instant Glue

The glue has excellent adhesive ability, which allows you to create steps, caves, rocks and walls for the pleasure of aquarium animals. It binds all kinds of materials, from rocks to corals, shale and many others. Instant glue is non-toxic to fish and invertebrates and is great for use in fresh or salt water. With this glue you will create masterpieces of aquascaping.

Highly-Quality Aquascaping Glue

Agglutinating Сoral

This is glue, and you can use it to glue corals to rocks or glue several coral colonies together. You can also use it to glue two corals.

Highly-Quality Aquascaping Glue
Highly-Quality Aquascaping Glue

Bonding Aquatic Plants

To attach mosses and plants to driftwood, ordinary glue is used, when in contact with water it crystallizes very quickly, securely fixing the moss in the right place.

Bonding Stone

With the help of glue, you can provide shelters made of natural stones for fish and shrimp, creating caves and spawning places for them.

Highly-Quality Aquascaping Glue

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