Hawthorn Branches & Leaves


This offer is for 100 grams of freshly collected Hawthorn Branches & Leaves (Crataegus monogyna). Perfect natural food for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, rodents, birds and reptiles.


Experience the natural goodness of our Hawthorn Branches & Leaves! Specially crafted for small animals, this organic food source is freshly collected to ensure maximum nutrient content. Its rich fibre and vitamin saturation supports overall health while allowing your furry friends to satisfy their instinctive need to grind their teeth. With its digestive-stimulating properties, it serves as an excellent preventive measure against indigestion. Treat your small animal companions with Hawthorn Branches & Leaves!

The image used above is for illustration purposes only. Plants may wilt a little as they travel. This is perfectly natural and has no effect on the product’s quality. If there are any questions you have then please get in touch before you place an order. Thanks for looking!

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