Hang-on Nano Protein Skimmer

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It’s hard to find better efficiency and value elsewhere than the Bubble-Magus line of protein skimmer. By utilizing materials of necessary robustness, and pumps of just the right efficiency, Bubble-Magus has created a quality product that doesn’t ask more of your cash flow than it has to.

All of the features that a protein skimmer must have are included – right down to the colors required to make your system look clean & professional. And being the prolific manufacturer that they are, they have created a wide array of models for many different applications. You will be able to find a protein skimmer that meets your systems individual needs – no matter how uncommon your aquarium or system is.

  • Efficient Pump – low power operation that puts less heat in to the water.
  • Silent Air Intake – of course a noise reducing muffler has been included on the air intake.
  • Small Footprint – Internally mounted pump saves precious sump space.
  • Intake Guard – keep your fish safe from entering the pump.
  • Maximum Skimming – the internal baffle of the skimmer helps to maximize the air contact time.
  • Stylish Design – stylish colours elevate the look of your sump compartment.
  • Reliable – unlike other skimmers on the market, you won’t have to replace this one unnecessarily.
Hang-on Nano Protein Skimmer

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