Grow Premium Shrimp Food 30 g


PowerShrimp grow premium is a complete shrimp food for all freshwater shrimp. Grow premium shrimp food is enriched with vitamins and multi-minerals which ensure a good health and enhance the colouration in shrimp.


PowerShrimp Grow Premium is a specialized shrimp food, only made from high-quality ingredients. These ingredients are combined and compressed into solid sticks. Ideal shrimp food for optimal health support, growth, colour, and molting.

Extra Information:

Does not make the water turbid. Free from artificial colors and preservatives. This shrimp food contains no fish meal and no useless fillers. 100% Organic food for shrimp.

PowerShrimp grow premium contains more than 25 ingredients. This makes the shrimp food a complete food supplement for all freshwater shrimp. Suitable for daily use.


Resealable bag with 30 grams of solid sticks.

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30 g


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