Aquatic Plant Fertiliser PF-12

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Aquatic soil in laying at the same time use the opening cylinder mate, to balance the bottom bed ph value, provide a natural, organic carbon sources, plant growth hormone inorganic carbon source, fast and stable bed let weeds into good growth environment, effectively prevent the bed acidification harden and improve the activity of plant roots, prevent the breeding ground for the blue green algae, long-term to maintain good aquatic breeding environment.


  • Humic acid powder (plant growth regulator, organic carbon source).
  • Carbonate mineral powder (stable bottom bed pH, prevent bed board, provide inorganic carbon source).
  • Mineral powders of silicate (effective bed hardening, improving plant root activity).
  • Compound phosphorous bacteria (to provide the active phosphorus for the root of aquatic plants and prevent the depraved and breeding of blue-green algae).
  • Modified volcanic ash (adsorption of hazardous substances such as heavy metals to purify water and maintain water permeability).

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